Morning Sun Farm Maple Syrup

Bob and Peggy are a super sweet retired couple who produce small batch maple syrup on their farm. They are located just a mile up the road, centrally located between Twin Brook Farms and Quails R Us Plus. They normally rely on the local maple tour to sell their small batch syrup, but the tour was cancelled due to coronavirus. They now have no outlet for their product. As always, store maple syrup in the refrigerator after opening. Three varieties available: Amber-Rich (table grade), Dark-Robust (table grade), and Very Dark-Strong (baking and cooking, very strong maple flavor.) Bob says that the descriptor for amber syrup--“rich”--is accurate because it is indeed rich in maple flavor, with enough caramels to give it some body. Dark is more caramelized, which either enhances or hides the maple flavor, depending on your taste.

Real Maple Syrup

Twin Brook Farms

Table grade maple syrup used for a topping on pancakes, french toast, and ice cream. A syrup that stands proudly on...

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