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Calkins Creamery Cheese

Emily produces fine artisan cheese, offering both pasteurized cheese and raw, cave aged varieties! Calkins Creamery exclusively uses milk from the 200 cow dairy run by Emily's brother and father. They are located just a few miles from Twin Brook Farm and Quails R Us Plus in the Delaware Highlands of Wayne County. *not available at BFM. We encourage you to shop with our friends at Tonjes Farm Diary!

Vampire Slayer

Local Cheese from award winning Calkins Creamery! Garlic Cheddar

Udderly Hot

Havarti + locally grown hot peppers

Lida Gold

Cave-aged Montasio-style cheese - hard, Italian w/hints of fruit and washed with olive oil & tomato

Moo Mozzarella

Fresh, hand stretched, mozzarella

Hop and Spicy Curds

Fresh curds flavored with BBQ hop rub

Garlic Curds

Fresh curds seasoned w/garlic & chives

Plain Cheese Curds

Fresh cheese curds, pasteurized

Horsekick Spread

Infused Horseradish & Peppercorns cheese spread


Baby Brie styled wheels (approx. 2/3 of a pound)

Ole Spread

Garlic and Red Pepper Spread

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