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Grassfed Lamb

All lambs are born on the farm and rotationally grazed. We allow lambs to self-wean. This low stress process provides succulent lamb that is often milk fed well into the 60-70 lb range.

Lamb Sampler Package

Lamb Sampler Package (~12lbs for $170)- 2# Loin or Rib Chops, 4# Ground Lamb, 2# Leg Steak, 2# Shoulder Chops, 2# Shanks

Ground Lamb

Lean Ground Lamb is flavorful option for an array of dishes at home. From Mediterranean-style burgers to...

Lamb Burgers

100% Ground Lamb packaged in 6 oz patties. 4 patties per package.

Lamb Stew Cube

Approximately 1 inch stew cubes from the leg of lamb

Lamb Loin Chops, 1" Thick

These luscious chops will melt in your mouth and are the equivalent of a beef t-bone steak. They are cut 1"...

Lamb Rib Chops, 1" Thick

These tender chops are cut from the "rack" and are equally as tender as the loin chops.

Boneless Leg of Lamb

This versatile cut has the bone removed and can be used as a boneless roast for oven roasting or a butterflied leg...

Bone In, Leg of Lamb

The traditional cut. Bone In Leg of Lamb is best for roasting. The bone will decrease your cooking time.

Lamb Shoulder Chops

1" thick slices. Wonderful braised or marinated and pan seared

Lamb Boneless Shoulder Roast

Boneless Net wrapped Lamb Shoulder Roast

Lamb Shanks

A specialty for guests! These meaty shanks are bursting with flavor. Seared then slow cooked for maximum...

Lamb Leg Steaks

Lamb leg slices. 1" thick. Great on the grill.

Grassfed Lamb Bones

~2lb bag of assorted lamb bones. Great for bone broth or stock. Dogs love them.


100% grassfed lamb liver is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat, but it's usually in short supply. It...

Lamb Heart

Heart is nutritious, flavorful, surprisingly lean and inexpensive. Although a little chewy, it makes a very tasty stew.

Lamb Tongue

Tongue needs to be braised for many hours, but the result is surprisingly tender and delicious!

Lamb Kidney

Nutrient rich offal from our grass feed lambs. It can be prepared in a variety of ways, but is often made into Kidney...

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